The Last Words of Rowan du Preez

“Simone Haysom's true-crime story not only captures the gritty reality of daily life in a South African township, it explores the shifting, teasing, ever-intangible nature of this thing called 'truth', posing the question of whether police procedure and a courtroom are equipped to establish it."
Michela Wrong,
author of 'It's Our Turn to Eat' 
and 'Borderlands'

"It reads like a thriller but tells important truths about the lives of people who live far away from public attention, and who have to navigate complex practical and moral choices every day. It is beautifully researched, wise and compassionate."
John Maytham,

"Outstanding. A small story that illuminates the much bigger challenges that face South Africa, exploring the places where few writers go. Simone Haysom is a major emerging talent."
Mark Shaw,
author of 'Hitmen for Hire'

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Simone talks to Kim Chakanetsa on the BBC about the book: